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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 10, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that. something tells me he wasn't going to reveal a whole lot about how to beat him. dick: i was just looking for a little angle there. doesn't like to sleep in the dark. dark. likes to have a light on. dick: the first break point. already self-chastising. wants to throw it. john: he'd rather break his foot instead. foot instead. got to be careful doing that.
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john: boy, that ball missed by five feet. very negative already out very negative already out there. dick: judy murray in the yellow top. the scottish national team coach. father in the blue shirt two seats to her right. mary: they don't have to guess what their kid is thinking. that's for sure.
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he's not exactly sfinks-like in between points. -- sphinx-like in between points. john: not only that, he tells them what he's thinking. he goes over and talks to them often. dick: game point for murray. a three-deuce game. john: he's going to need to focus all his energies on the focus all his energies on the other guy. dick: good hold by murray. saves break point. saves break point. on serve early. cities are learning from other cities. smarter technologies cut response times in madrid,
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woman: ...and we're not real proud of this. man: no...we're not. woman: teen: have you guys seen captain stewie and lil' miss neptune? dad: did you look all over the place? under your desk? all around? teen: uh, they're fish, they live in a bowl. dad: what're gonna do? anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: there's an easier way to save. teen: whatever. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. anncr: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. dick: rafael nadal, a chance to break in that last game, but murray saved serve. it's 1-2. john: people starting to file back into the stadium, slowing things down here.
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nadal a pretty deliberate nadal a pretty deliberate player to begin with. dick: you mentioned earlier in the championship how much you admire nadal's -- that wasn't a volley, but you really like his hands at the net. john: i think he's one of the best in the business. and he's willing -- he almost seems eager to move forward when he needs to. when he needs to. he's got soft hands. dick: here is the chase review.
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john: earlier in his career, nadal would only come in and shake hands with you in the match when he was winning all those clay court events. becoming an absolutely incredible all-court player. dick: seems almost a con fluct that a man who bludgeons it from the baseline has soft hands up at the net. john: that looked wide. late call. nadal probably going to challenge this, too. part of why players are more hesitant about moving forward is you don't have quite the feel that you do -- and it's
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being hit harder. it's really amazing that nadal is that good a volleyer. guess they just decided that it was in. no doubt about it. play a let. no review necessary. dick: we understand that on dick: we understand that on hawk eye, it was good. john: that's a natural instinct, to know that ball is going to drop a little wide, like nadal let it go there. that's pretty impressive, too. he's so good at getting himself in position. you see the angle the ball is coming, knowing to let it go. he's got so much energy, moves so well. it's so intimidating to opponents.
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dick: it's 2-2. i'm angrns to see -- anxious to see the cbs swing vision, because we can see the grip and the action that nadal puts on his forehand. john: you notice that he gets ready nice and early, so that gives him some options. depending on how much spin he wants to put on it. as he whips that forehand around his head. the more he gets under it, the more spin he looks to get, topspin. tries to flatten the ball out. get it to move through the get it to move through the court more.
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john: murray handling it at the net, that's nice. mary: yeah. in the matches these two play, the only positive numbers that come out are murray's backhand compared to nadal's. that's his signature shot. that sets him up for a lot of aggressive point shot-making. john: that will get on the john: that will get on the highlight reel there.
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dick: finally an easy service game for murray. john: he's 6'3." he's a couple inches taller than nadal. he's got to use that to his he's got to use that to his advantage, find those angles.
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dick: game. 3-2 on serve, and we'll be back 3-2 on serve, and we'll be back at the open in just a moment.
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john: aerial coverage of the 2011 u.s. open championships provided by directv. flushing meadows, new york, queens, corona park, the
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second-largest park in new york city. to famed central park in manhattan. manhattan. 2-3, nadal, opening set. john: he's going to look to spank nadal's serve also. he's got the reach, he's tall, he's a great returner. that's just what he needs to do. he looks to be hitting the ball he looks to be hitting the ball quite well, murray.
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john: that's too bad. dick: he was hitting with authority in that point. john: that's as big as i've ever seen him hit his forehand. up a little bit higher. he can go flatter. that's tougher to do when it's below the net. making some good decisions there. he's still got to make nadal hit that pass if he's going to hit that pass if he's going to chip and come in.
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john: that wasn't a good decision by rafa nadal to run around that backhand. opened up the court beautifully. mary: the improved fitness of murray in the last couple of seasons has really allowed him to do things like this, to handle the high stuff. to really lean on it, even on the run. it's improved his serve, too. john: it may appear that murray has stagnated because he hasn't won any majors, but you're absolutely right. he's gotten better just to be staying close. mary: these two like each other a lot anyway, but you know how nadal says he's a fantastic player. he will definitely win a major soon. dick: he's hit with nadal these dick: he's hit with nadal these first six games.
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john: this is a big moment for murray here if he can get this early lead, get a set under his belt. that would be absolutely huge for his chances and his confidence. dick: first break point for him. john: he likes to match up with nadal a lot better on this nadal a lot better on this surface. john: great opportunity on the second serve here.
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doesn't want to let it go out wide to really go after this wide to really go after this return. dick: a clubhouse meeting. john: don't tell me it's ok. it was awful. wasn't a bad return. he just got handcuffed a little bit. it was an excellent serve by nadal. mary: i just wish every now and then -- he always sounds like he's about to -- that thick scottish brogue. he once said he had the world's dullest speaking voirks but he says some really funny stuff sometimes. not on the court, but in a
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not on the court, but in a press conference. john: you'll see some mis-hits, especially the way murray is hitting through the court. that ball skids a bit.
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mary: a couple weeks ago in the cincinnati tournament he ended up winning, played beautifully. our reporter asked him if that whole hacking scandal that was going on in great britain -- reporter said to this guy, do you ever worry that you've been hacked? he said no, i probably don't do anything interesting. his game could not be any more interesting. the choices he makes, the shots he possesses. he puts a lot together.
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john: murray's girlfriend almost bailed on him because he's playing video games too much. mary: they're back together. john: he's admitted he'll go outside now. outside now. mary: there's kim sears. dick: nigel sears, her father. dick: just looking ahead to the finals with djokovic already booking passage to monday's final, murray trails djokovic 4-6 head-to-head. nadal leads djokovic.
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john: his last loss is all in finals. dick: djokovic really owned him dick: djokovic really owned him in all the big ones this year. dick: executed by nadal better than anyone. he's off the court and hooks that ball up the line and keeps it into the court for a winner. john: players love to hit this. it looks like it's going out, and then the opposition has to suffer and watch it spin in. suffer and watch it spin in. dick: 3-3.
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dick: that will get murray ranting at himself. john: murray played that perfectly and missed the point. look at that volley. that's an inch inside the baseline.
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talk about defensive skills. that's why nadal is virtually unbeatable. unbeatable. six out of seven frenches. dick: another 0-30 opening for nadal, as the women's semifinal has begun on the grandstand. the aussie sam stow sure against angelique kerber of germany.
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the winner of that match to meet either serena williams or caroline wozniacki in the women's final tomorrow afternoon after nfl football here on cbs. and if you missed the classic five-setter, djokovic 7-5 in the fifth to defeat roger federer. you missed a terrific match. and for federer, it ends a long string of years to win a major. he won his first major back at wimbledon in 2003 and his won at least one every year. but not this season. john: burning some negative energy, murray, and he's in a hole at 0-40678 mary: he's only serving at 44%.
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dick: erases one break point. what is it about the seventh game of a set? it just seems happen here. john: you see that if it's level, that it becomes this huge game. don budge always told me if you're up 4-2, then you want to consolidate it. you're in the driver's seat. see how big it is for murray right now. the only guy besides laver who the only guy besides laver who won all four the same year.
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dick: great hit. john: which was by the way, around the time for a british player to win a major, fred perry in 1936. they're an anxious lot over in great britain. dick: they've got through a couple generations without a player to win on the men's side. virginia wade won the first ever u.s. open 44 years ago. mary: she won the australian open in 1972 and wimbledon in 1977. john: you can see the talent that murray possesses, that this guy is a legitimate contender. he's got some awful tough opposition to deal with. opposition to deal with. djokovic, federer, nadal.
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dick: and nadal has the break 4-3. 4-3. the spaniard takes the lead. dick: our tournament summary, novak djokovic saving two match points and rallying from two sets down to beat federer earlier. on this date in u.s. open history, in 1983, martina won her first singles open against chris evert. nadal just doesn't like dogs, he's afraid that they might snap at him, and hose ham and cheese sandwiches will get you, too. and the wet shirts, that's a and the wet shirts, that's a real issue.
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dick: rafael nadal, the reigning champion, has the lead 4-3.
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we'll see if he can consolidate that break of service. new balls. john: rafa has looked strong, looked sharp. very focused, as usual. he's make murray work already. and it's getting to him. already he's feeling frustrated. i guess that was in the warm-up, now that i think about it. dick: nadal did stave off a break point against his serve the last time. the last time. he's on the line. dick: ohmy! dick: how brilliant was that? he uses a nice, soft shot to keep in the point. john: that was this shot.


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